On Mary Kay Cosmetic Brushes

I am an artist by nature. I have invested in many materials and paints over the years to accomplish my desired goal when painting. I buy my canvas, my pencils, my paints (whether they’re oil or acrylic) and finally my brushes. Each brush has a specific function which I will not go into detail here. Each one has a different shape and performs differently to get a desired effect. There is a round bright, fan brush, a liner, flat brush, etc. Also, for a specific media you want to use, the material of the brush is designed for that particular media. For example, a sable brush would be used for watercolors as opposed to oils because of the fine fur from the animal in which it came from  can hold a lot of paint and performs very smoothly. A synthetic or synthetic blend (that is, nylon bristles mixed with animal hair) would be used for both acrylic and oil paints. Also, pricing may range from $2.99 to $100 for a brush. I invested in a Windsor & Newton Series #7 brush for $98! Needless to say that brush was strictly used for watercolors and ink. Each art brush is made for a specific function.

As with cosmetic brushes. They also come in different shapes and sizes for specific uses, and are not at all expensive. Here I will get into the details of each brush.

And now introducing…


Mary Kay® Brush Collection

The Mary Kay® Brush Collection includes five high-quality cosmetic brushes that make color application more polished and professional than ever before! Use the Mary Kay® Cosmetic Organizer to not only store your brushes, but also to carry your other Mary Kay color cosmetics. It’s the perfect cosmetics organizer for home or travel!

Fabulous features include:

  • Portability
  • Professional, high quality tools
  • Washable with mild cleanser and water
  • Provides professional application of color
  • Application of cosmetics is even
  • Application of cosmetics is easier
  • Makeup looks flawless after application with brushes
  • The bag holds everything needed for on-the-go application
  • Easy to clean brushes
  • Easy to clean bag

This collection is for:

  • Those who enjoy experimenting with makeup.
  • Those who use Mary Kay® Mineral Products.


Here are details for each brush and their use:

  • Powder Brush evenly distributes powder to the face. Sweep brush across pressed powder or dip into loose powder; tap gently to remove excess and apply to the face from forehead to chin using long, light strokes.
  • Cheek Brush is used to accentuate bone structure or add a healthy blush to cheeks. Using the tip of the brush, apply color to the apples of the cheeks and stroke upward along cheekbone, stopping just below the temple. Blend.
  • Eye Definer Brush shapes and defines eyes and is used to blend color evenly. Softly sweep across the lid and then lightly above the crease for a natural, yet polished look.
  • Eye Crease Brush is used with mid-tone and darker shades to add depth to eyes. Begin by placing brush at outer corner of eye and sweep inward following the natural crease. This brush can also be used to create a smoky eye look. Using the brush tip, softly sweep along lower lashes from outer corner inward.
  • Eyeliner / Eyebrow Brush is used to line the lashes and tame and shape brows. Eyeliner Brush: Use with Mary Kay® eye colors to line eyes and enhance sparse brows. Apply a thin line of color along top and bottom lashes. Eyebrow Brush: To use, brush brows in the opposite direction from which they grow to remove any excess foundation. Gently brush back, following their natural shape and direction, as a finishing touch to your makeup application.

As I often use my art brushes, I also must take great care of them by cleaning them up after each use with a specialized brush cleaner. Same goes for these great brushes. I also recommend the Mary Kay® Brush Cleaner for proper care of your brushes.

  • Brush Care and Handling:
    • It is best to clean brushes weekly to avoid product and bacteria buildup. To clean, wet the hair. Squirt the mild cleanser in your palm and sweep bristles back and forth in a circular motion.
    • Rinse well. Squeeze out excess water with a towel; reshape bristles with fingers and lay brush with hairs extending out over a ledge to dry. Never dry brushes upright, as water can seep in and weaken the handle.
    • Keep your Mary Kay® Brushes looking nice by storing brushes in their case when not in use.

By following the brush care and handling instructions above you can extend the life of the brushes.

  • Cosmetic Organizer Care:
    • To clean, wipe down with a damp cloth.

So that’s it On Brushes. It is a good investment for those who have fun seriously with their colors.

So, what are you waiting for? Register and Order yours today at www.marykay.com/kellyabe and also inquire what will be your free gift for purchases over $50.

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