Answers about Clear Proof™ Acne System

There are a lot of questions about the proper use of the new Mary Kay® Clear Proof™ Acne System products. Below I will attempt to answer some questions that may help you.


If you are one who suffers with acne but is also concerned with age-fighting, can the Clear Proof™ products be used with other Mary Kay skin care lines?

  • Answer: Every product Mary Kay offers can be mixed and matched within skin care lines! For example, if you have mild acne and use the TimeWise Miracle Set, try adding the Blemish Control Toner after the TimeWise® 3-in-1 Cleanser. Then, try adding the Acne Treatment Gel* to the break-out area, and continue on with the rest of the Miracle Set® regimen.

What if you use the TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm™ Set and also experience breakouts? How do you incorporate Clear Proof® into your regimen?

  • Answer: As the skin ages, it becomes thinner and more fragile. Therefore, it’s recommended to incorporate only one Clear Proof™ product into the regimen if you have more mature skin. For example, after cleansing with Volu-Firm™ Foaming Cleanser, apply the Acne Treatment Gel* to the individual blemish, then continue applying the rest of the regimen.

How about if you don’t have acne, but are concerned about the appearance of large pores, and want to use Pore Purifying Serum to help with this.

  • Answer: This is not recommended. The primary purpose of the Pore Purifying Serum is to treat acne, so if your main concern is minimizing the appearance of large pores I recommend the TimeWise® Microdermabrasion Set.

Why is the Pore Purifying Serum not included in the set?

  • Answer: Not everyone with acne will need the additional “leave-on” serum. The Pore Purifying Serum is an option for those who need more acne-fighting power. Also, some are challenged with using 4 products twice a day which would make 5 products a little daunting.

If you are currently using Velocity® should you switch over to Clear Proof™?

Will using the Clear Proof™ set cause my skin to dry out?

  • Answer: Use of acne treatment products can potentially be drying. If this is a challenge for any of you, simply cut back to once a day usage, preferably at night. Also, make sure you’re not skipping the moisture step. Even oily skin needs hydration!

Conclusion: You can be confident that the Mary Kay® Clear Poof™ Acne System includes products that use ingredients recognized most by U.S. dermatologists for treating acne —salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide. The combination of these ingredients attacks acne in multiple ways to not only help clear up existing acne but also help keep future acne from forming in the first place.

Also available is Clear Proof Acne System The Go Set if you only want to try it out for a week! Order yours with me and any order over $75 will receive a free gift and free shipping in the USA!


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